A Gift to be Shared...

Finding the “Story” in History

Storytelling in the Classroom or How Teachers Can Live Happily Ever After


What the newspapers say…

Baltuck is a master storyteller.  Story time is a very special time when Baltuck does the telling.  As she talks she is part mime, part actor, part singer… --The Seattle Times

Perhaps the quality that makes Naomi Baltuck such a fine storyteller is her affinity for and ability to communicate the beauty in life. -- The Palo Alto Tribune

Storyteller Naomi Baltuck weaves magic with words…Yakima schoolchildren were treated to a taste of virtuoso storytelling as the West Coast's best tale-spinner visited Yakima. -- The Yakima Herald Tribune

Storyteller Naomi Baltuck makes sense of the world. -- Pacific Northwest Magazine

With song and pantomime and the lilting cadence of her speech, Baltuck seemed to have no trouble sweeping her audience away to a world where the myths of the Pacific Northwest came alive. -- The Bellingham Herald

What my sponsors say…

Thank you so much for your workshop at North Central Regional Libraries.  It was such a treat to come.  I felt like I was back at summer camp with all the fun kids. -- Gailene Hooper, librarian, NCRL

Thank you so much for sharing all of your delightful stretches, stories, and tips.  You inspired and energized us!  We are blessed to have you. -- The Riverwind Storytellers, St. Louis

The school is still all abuzz with your wonderful stories and energy.  There are many renditions of "Skipping Home From School" at recess and lunch, and Apples From Heaven has 18 holds! -- Nancy Keifer, University Child Development Center

Thank you for leading our school in our Young Authors' Day this year.  Kris spoke highly of your sharing session and noted how students walked away with new confidence in their voices.  My students also really enjoyed your stories at the assembly. -- Heather Berger, librarian, Lynndale Elementary

We enjoyed your day with us so much!  The compliments have come flowing in.  Even our "too cool" junior high students have gone out of their way to tell me how much they liked your stories. -- Camille Long, librarian, St. Michael School

Dear Naomi, Elly, and Bea,
Thanks so much for your wonderful storytelling program!  Both teachers and students have come up to me and told me how much they enjoyed it.  As a former music teacher, I especially appreciated the inclusion of music! -- Eileen Glasgow, principal, Meridian School

Naomi's stories are so unique and dependent on her oral style it is unlikely that (the school children) ever experienced anything like it before. -- Principal, Morgan Owings Elementary

The children of the Pacific Northwest are lucky to have such a fine storyteller to bring the art of storytelling to life for them. -- Childrens' Service Coordinator, Sacramento Public Library

What the kids say…

Dear Ms. Baltuck, I loved your storys.  You where fantastic to good of a performance.  You were fascinating simply marvelous!  Please come again please. Thank you for coming.  Love, your fan, Jason

Thank you Naomi, Elly and Bea.  Right when I got home I told my mom the story about the fairies.-- Summita

Dear Naomi Thank you so much for the story telling evrewone deserves a good story!

Thank you for coming Naomi, Elly, and Bea.  I like the story a Fair Price for a Story from Fiji.  I also made my own poem. Though it doesn't have a title.  Once upon a time there were 3 clever people there names were Calvin, Erik and Blair and they loved your book Apples from Heaven so much they turned into an apple and floated up to heaven. The end.

I have one more short story. The Storytellers and the poets. Once upon a time there were 8 friends there names were Elly, Naomi, Bea, Sam, Stella, Nick and Joe they went to the same school called the New York College in Albany when they got through college they became storytellers they all wrote 106 stories each and they all became famous and some of them became poets but the best part is they lived happily ever after the end. Sincerely, Joe